Agfa CR 12-X

An affordable entry into digital radiography that places you in complete control. One that allows you to make your own decisions when balancing the need for speed versus resolution – without compromising on image quality. That enables you to adapt and adjust your choice on a study-by-study basis and harness the power of Agfa HealthCare’s MUSICA2 imaging processing software.

Define your own workflow

Designed to address the diverse needs of private practices, small clinics, general orthopedic and chiropractic offices, the CR 12-X allows you to optimize your choice of throughput versus resolution. With a cycle time of 60 seconds depending on resolution, the CR 12-X allows you to choose your preferred resolution for each examination, placing you firmly in control of how best to optimize your workflow.

Priced for the cost-conscious

The simple yet smart new design concept of the CR 12-X creates an affordable entry to the digital radiography environment. By addressing your need for
both workflow efficiency and resolution, it is the ideal choice for the cost-conscious organisation.

No compromise on image quality

The CR 12-X’s use of MUSICA image processing delivers high image quality. MUSICA automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and
optimizes processing parameters – independent of body part and dose deviations. The result is minimal retakes, re- or post-processing and no body part
dependent configuration or customization required. In addition, MUSICA provides a consistent look and feel on the CR images, when combined with Agfa
HealthCare’s DR system, providing extra diagnostic confidence. Because MUSICA is completely automated, and does all the calibration and processing, there is no lengthy training required and technical experience is not necessary.

Streamlined integrated workflow

Making your existing solutions work harder for you is a driving force in today’s economically challenging environment. With the CR 12-X’s versatility and integration delivering increased workflow, you maximize your return on investment.

  • Versatile and cost-effective multiple study capabilities – Suitable for general radiology, orthopaedics, chiropractic and full-leg/full spine applications, the CR 12-X’s broad range of application capabilities makes it highly versatile and cost-effective. With this single product capable of delivering multiple applications, investment is kept to a minimum while workflow is eased.
  • Ideal for space restricted environments – The CR 12-X’s table top footprint makes it ideal for space restricted areas. With additional fitments, it can be integrated easily as a mobile unit into cars, vans, trucks or other mobile facilities.
  • Low total cost of ownership – Total cost of ownership is a key measure when choosing new solutions. The CR 12-X’s simple, modular, component-based design makes installation fast and easy. Weighing in at just 29 kg, it can be handled by a single person. Special LED technology in the erasure unit means the CR 12-X requires low power, making standard electrical outlets sufficient, while mobile installation is easily achieved via a converted connection to your vehicle’s battery.
  • Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration – The CR 12-X is fully DI COM compliant, making integrating the digitizer with other solution elements quick and easy.
  • Delivering a complete solution – The CR 12-X, when combined with the NX workstation, the DRYSTAR 5302 hardcopy imager and/or the SE Suite software, delivers a complete CR solution at an affordable price. The NX auto-cropping optimizes image size for the available film size and reduces storage space. The DRYSTAR 5302 with dry film offers a reliable and flexible hardcopy solution. The SE Suite software is a multi-modality solution for diagnostic viewing, reporting and archiving of medical  imaging data and provides seamless integration.

Swift and easy maintenance

Short installation times. A modular design that facilitates maintenance. Minimal intervention due to robust yet streamlined design. Looking after the CR 12-X is fast and easy.

  • Fast and simple service and maintenance –  The modular technology within the CR 12-X shortens installation and service time. Its single slot cassette and plate handling uses only two motors, resulting in minimal intervention. Covers, modules and parts are easy to replace, with a single tool making service and maintenance fast and simple. In addition, smartcard technology (USB) stores the up-to-date site-specific settings and service information. This simplifies  access to service data and on-site replacement.
  • A robust and reliable solution – The CR 12-X’s streamlined yet robust design, comprising minimal moving parts, means it can withstand harsh environments and temperature changes. Its horizontal cassette insertion prevents dust and dirt from being introduced into the system.
  • A choice of service agreements – Agfa HealthCare offers service agreement solutions  tailored to the individual customer’s situation. The service agreements are available in Basic, Comfort and Advanced levels, making lifecycle costs predictable. A worldwide team of some 1000 professionals is at your service to provide support at all phases of your project. As an additional service, they can help you customize your examination tree or link RIS protocol codes, for an even higher return on investment. Furthermore, this team carries out tasks that go well beyond maintenance, including value-added services such as super user training, staff training and software upgrades.
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Mammography Film

HDR-C Film has excellent diagnostic capabilities in dense breast tissue. This film delivers high contrast in the shoulder of the H&D curve and latitude for dense structures within the toe portion of the H&D curve.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA OGA is a medium to high contrast film for use with green emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and for applications where high definition is required.

Agfa CEA RP New

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA RP NEW is a blue-light sensitive film with high speed and medium to high contrast for use with rare earth screens as well as any other blue and UV emitting screens.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA DI is a high contrast, high speed intra-oral film for direct dental radiography. It is designed to be used in all commercially available dental radiographic equipment units.

Agfa CURIX HT 1000 G Plus

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CURIX Ortho HT 1000 G is a universal high-speed film with a medium-tohigh contrast, to use with green intensifying screens. each part of the film has been carefully designed into the ideal shape.

Agfa CURIX Ortho HT-G

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CURIX Ortho HT-G is a universal high-speed film with a medium-tohigh contrast, to use with green intensifying screens. each part of the film has been carefully designed into the ideal shape.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

High contrast film for Agfa’s blue/UV film/screen system. Agfa’s CURIX RP1 film enhances image detail in general radiography and special procedures consequently, it reduces costs and increases productivity.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

Blue-sensitive X-ray film designed for general radiology. Universal film with a constant and high image quality thanks to Agfa’s Disc Grain technology.