Lumenis CO2 Laser Fibers

CO2 Redefining Access, Flexibility & Energy Delivery

Lumenis’ CO2 laser fibers set the standard for durability, high energy delivery, and performance. The fibers are versatile, enabling surgeons to easily access difficult-to-reach anatomy by using one of the designated Lumenis handpieces, flexible endoscope or with robotically assisted technique. Lumenis CO2 laser fibers feature high, consistent energy transmission, renewable tip, and aiming beam. All features allows easy adoption, highly controlled and precise tissue interaction.

The CO2 laser fibers can be used to treat a wide variety of applications including Otolaryngology, Head & Neck, Otology and Gynecology. For Head and Neck, Transoral Laser Microsurgery, the CO2 laser fibers are revolutionary. While the TLM technique was perceived as a rigid surgical approach until recently, with the introduction of the CO2 laser fibers, it also represents flexibility: A Surgical approach where compliance to flexible endoscopy and robotic surgery is possible and treating precisely on hard to reach anatomy is achievable.

For Gynecology, the CO2 laser fiber is a game changer. The ability to treat delicately and in a flexible manner near critical structures is key to obtaining precise and controlled tissue interaction while maintaining the preservation of valuable organs.

FiberLase ENDURE
STC TM CO2 Fiber
Single use CO2 Laser fiber

The FiberLase CO2 laser fiber is a class of its own. A high quality, durable & flexible fiber served with a collection of dedicated operational tools.

FiberLase allows you to expand from the operating room to the outpatient environment save costs, reduce the risks of general anesthesia and enable periodical treatments of recurring conditions.

Exclusive features:

  • Aiming Beam: precise targeting and great visualization of treated tissue
  • Easy to use: short learning curve and easy adoption to the surgical sphere.
  • Renewable Fiber Tip and Durable Use: The tip can be cleaved and revived during use, facilitating smooth operation and cost effectiveness.
  • 2M Long Fiber: greater maneuvering and flexibility in the surgical site.
  • High Energy transmission: for reproducible and highly controlled tissue interaction
FiberLase ENDURE

A Revolutionary Multi-use Fiber

The FiberLase ENDURE is exclusive Lumenis innovation in CO2 laser fiber technology. It extends the opportunities for the use of flexible CO2 fibers in the operating room, or with flexible endoscopy. With the unique Endure™ features that allow reprocessing and multi usage, procedure costs can be optimized. The FiberLase ENDURE perfectly balances flexibility, quality, durability and cost-efficiency for smart tissue management.

Exclusive features:

  • 5 Time Use: Fiber reprocessing is possible to ensure unmatched cost effectiveness
  • Renewable Fiber Tip and Durable Use: The tip can be cleaved and revived during use, facilitating smooth operation and cost effectiveness
  • Adjustable Aiming Beam: Enables precise positioning to ensure the desired tissue is targeted
  • 2M Long Fiber: greater maneuvering and flexibility in the surgical site
  • High Energy transmission: for reproducible and highly controlled tissue interaction
STC TM CO2 Fiber

The “Plug and Play” Solution to maximize CO2 Laser Performance

The unique connection of the STC CO2 fiber allows you to maximize the benefits of the superior FiberLase™ solution on your non Lumenis console, for seamless integration into your existing CO2 laser surgery practice, eliminating the need for additional investment. The durability and flexibility features of the Lumenis CO2 fibers translate to greater energy transmission, greater flexibility and maneuverability, smoother operation and substantial time and cost savings.

If you aspire to gain more out of your laser system and to maximize the versatility Lumenis CO2 product line, please visit AcuPulse DUO and UltraPulse DUO and the Lumenis arsenal of CO2 laser accessories.


OtoLase Unique features:

  • Flexibility and Ease of Use: The multi-use straight and bent handpieces are designed with a grasping mechanism for simple maneuvering and optimal ergonomics.
  • Complete Visualization: The handpiece, shaft and tip are designed to facilitate an effective operational field.
  • Precision in Fenestration: As ensured by the use of a small spot size and ultra-thin, highly durable tip.
  • Predictable Tissue Interaction: Delicate layer-by-layer tissue removal with minimal thermal spread.
  • Maximal Versatility: With interchangeable handpieces and single use straight and bent tips.

MicroLase Unique features:

  • 25 Procedures: That can be performed with the same 2m long fiber. A price sensitive solution that meets your required treatment costs
  • Small Shaft: Assures visibility and complex movements throughout the challenging auditory structures
  • Controlled Tissue Management: Adjustable laser parameters to control power settings, exposure duration and distance from tissue
  • Easy set up: The single-use handpieces are provided sterile for smooth operation in the operating room
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