Dornier Delta III

The compact and easy-to-transport Dornier Delta III combines Dornier’s proven extracorporeal shockwave system with state-of-the-art imaging technology, a multifunctional table and a central control system.

  • The therapy head has a wide range of movement, allowing the patient to lie comfortably on their back at all times
  • Optical coupling control OptiCouple for reducing the number and power of shockwaves
  • EMSE with a penetration depth of up to 170 mm also allows obese patients to be treated
  • Three imaging modes (isocentric outline ultrasound, inline ultrasound and x-ray) can be used in any combination
  • Gentle treatment thanks to the therapy head’s spacious coupling area
  • The motorised, multifunctional patient table is low for easy access


Highest stone free rate is achieved by:

  • The new therapy head/EMSE with a focal depth of 170 mm for a broader spectrum of patients
  • The unique optical coupling control Dornier OptiCouple for higher efficiency
  • The powerful X-ray generator for excellent image quality


Stone localization can be accomplished using any one of the three imaging modes offered on Dornier Delta III – inline or outline ultrasound or X-ray. Either ultrasound imaging system can be applied with fluoroscopy for real time dual imaging.


Thanks to the new powerful X-ray generators with 7.5 or 15 kw, the new X-ray system offers high image qualitiy, even in obese patients. Additional advantages:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Iris and zoom preview
  • Actively cooled X-ray tube with water circuit


In addition to the vertical projection, two X-ray oblique (CC) projections are available to ensure excellent stone localization even if ribs or intestinal gas
overlay the stone. The excellent X-ray imaging is also supported by the radiolucent carbon fiber mid-section of the Relax+-table.


For maximum ESWL treatment quality, the coupling of the shockwave source to the patient is one of the most important factors in energy transfer and hence in the quality of the stone fragmentation. Air bubbles, cushion folds and incomplete coupling have an adverse effect on the propagation of the shockwaves and decrease the fragmentation efficiency.

With OptiCouple, the quality of the coupling can be easily monitored by the user at any time of the procedure. If needed, the user intervenes and improves the coupling within seconds and continuously ensures the best coupling quality throughout the treatment.


  • NEW SHOCK WAVE SOURCE EMSE 180: Penetration depth of 170 mm – well suited also for obese patients. Large coupling area of the therapy head for gentle treatment.
  • NEW THERAPY HEAD: The new Delta III therapy head features best in class movement and access. +63° / -63° degrees of therapy treatment positions through motorized orbital movement. Continuous overtable and undertable therapy head positioning offers unparalleled flexibility in adapting the
    ESWL approach to stone location. The patients can always remain comfortably in supine position. Motorized axial rotation of the therapy c-arm by 220° for optimized coupling to the patient.


One single hand control to operate the lithotripter, table and X-ray C arm movements with graphical user interface.

  • Therapy head in over and under table position and all other movements
  • Patient table x, y, z axis / Table tilt +/- 15 degree
  • X-Ray C-arm CC- / PA / CC+


Mandatory when a separate X-ray control room is required

  • Remote controlled Urology Information Management System (UIMS)
  • Remote controlled Dornier Delta III
  • Remote controlled X-ray system
  • Remote controlled Dornier Relax+


The Dornier Relax+ is a transportable, motorized multifunctional table for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). The modular design and the
comprehensive range of available accessories allows the table to be configured individually. The minimum table height position of 78 mm allows ambulatory
patients to easily access and sit on the table.

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