Agfa CURIX Ortho HT-G

Film optimized for digital scanning technology, with constant high image quality. CURIX Ortho HT-G is a universal high-speed film with a medium-tohigh contrast, to use with green intensifying screens. each part of the film has been carefully designed into the ideal shape.

  • Green-sensitive universal film with excellent sharpness and a medium-to-high contrast
  • Designed for HT processing
  • Optimized for digital scanning with Dynamic Range Matching technology
  • Variable Range Hopping, Agfa’s antistatic layer, incorporated
  • Constant high image quality with Agfa’s Disc Grain and Split Emulsion Layer technologies

CURIX Ortho HT-G: a truly universal film

The sensitometric curve of the CURIX Ortho HT-G film features both a high toe contrast and a high maximum density. Furthermore, using CURIX Ortho HT-G film in combination with the new CURIX Ortho Medium or CURIX Ortho Regular screens produces excellent sharpness at all times, resulting in more perceptible details.

Ready for the digital era: Dynamic Range Matching

CURIX Ortho HT-G is a film with an optimized sensitometric curve to take full advantage of digital scanner capabilities. This optimization was achieved by implementing the unique and innovative ‘Dynamic Range Matching’-technology. Dynamic Range Matching yields a maximum density as close to 4.00 as possible, allowing the recording of the entire density range. Loss of information due to cut-off of either the film or the scanners is avoided as their dynamic ranges will be closely matched. Moreover, the straight-line portion of the film is highly linear, resulting in more precise digital image processing.

Ready for the digital era: Variable Range Hopping

Thanks to the unique Variable Range Hopping concept, CURIX Ortho HT-G is coated with an antistatic layer that remains on the film after processing. The film attracts less dust and dirt thus reducing artifacts, which increases the quality of scans. This results in improved transport in digitizers with bulk autofeed. The antistatic layer is also harder, making the film more scratchresistant after processing.

Increased efficiency and reduced operational cost

Cost reduction has become a major concern in today’s radiology department. Therefore, the CURIX Ortho HT-G film has been specially designed for processing in highthroughput processors and daylight equipment (e.g. CLASSIC E.O.S., COMPACT E.O.S.), increasing efficiency and reducing the overall operational cost. CURIX Ortho HT-G also excels in consistency: Agfa’s Disc Grain technology provides constant high image quality, even when the film is processed in weaker chemicals or in unfavorable conditions. Agfa’s Split Emulsion Layer (SEL) technology adds increased sharpness for improved image quality.

Threefold ecologically sound processing

CURIX Ortho HT-G is fully compatible with the CLASSIC E.O.S. processor, which reduces both the silver content in wash water and the fixer replenishment rate by 35 %. Furthermore, the film can be processed in glutaraldehydefree developer and low-odor fixer, which is a major step towards ecologically sound processing.

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