Lumenis Pulse 50H

Mid Power Holmium Laser for Efficient Lithotripsy and Soft Tissue Treatments

Specially designed to effectively address any kind of stone in Lithotripsy and soft tissue

  • Over 130 different energy and frequency settings to address any type or size of stone and soft tissue effectively and rapidly
  • High energy per pulse and high repetition rate (3.5J and 25Hz) enable a rapid fragmentation rate even with hard stones
  • Pre-programmed Pulse Reshaping Technology designed to better address bleeding and retropulsion
  • Dual-pedal enables two different working modes operating simultaneously
  • Hands-free ready/standby mode for improved ease of use
  • 0.2J of energy per pulse minimizes migration of stones

Embedded Homeostasis Capabilities

  • Innovative Pulse Reshaping Technology allows physician to quickly switch to a longer pulse to better address bleeding and retropulsion.
  • Holmium is well absorbed in water, penetrates tissue in a clear and controlled manner and prevents charring, necrosis and collateral damage.

A Comprehensive Solution

Lumenis Pulse 50H combined the new SlimLine 200 D/F/L ball-shaped fiber tip is designed to reduce the risk of damaging the flexible scope during initial fiber insertion.

The combination of different laser parameters allows for a wide range of clinical procedures, including Urology, Arthroscopy, General Surgery, Head & Neck , Gynecology, Gastroenterology and more. The system is validated for the full range of Lumenis fibers to increase the system’s reliability and extend the fiber lifetime.

Ease of use

  • Innovative design and GUI – An intuitive GUI with a touch screen allows for the tracking of accumulated energy during the procedure and double settings are controlled by the systems’ dual pedals
  • Customizable dual pedals – Allows for easy switching between laser settings during procedure. This feature may be applied by having one pedal dedicated to hemostasis in order to address bleeding.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Green aiming beam for enhanced endoscopic visibility.

Validated with Lumenis Range of Delivery Devices

  • SlimLine family of fibers: Is designed for durability, flexibility and versatility in urological procedures
  • SlimLine 200 D/F/L ultra-flexible fiber: Is designed for flexible ureteroscopy procedures

A wide range of treatment options, including:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  |  Kidney stones  |  Bladder stones  |  Ureteral stones  |  Strictures  |  Bladder tumors  |  Biliary stones  |  Gastroenterology procedures  |  Orthopedic procedures  |  ENT procedures  |  Thoracic & Pulmonary procedures  |  Gynecology procedures  |  Dermatology and plastic surgery

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