Agfa DX-D 30C

The DX-D 30C Digital Wireless Detector offers general radiography facilities a fast and effective way to benefit from high quality digital imaging using existing X-ray equipment.

  • Provides an easy way to go Direct Digital
  • Detector is the size of a cassette, for maximum convenience and portability
  • MUSICA² processing for superior contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image quality
  • Improves workflow and exam speed
  • Superior connectivity to PACS, HIS/RIS and imagers
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector conversion screen
  • Small pixel size gives more image information, for improved diagnostic effectiveness

Improved diagnostic effectiveness

The DX-D 30C offers the smallest pixel size available for a full size detector: 125 μm. So each image contains more image information – 9.5 megapixels. And more image information means more accurate diagnosis.

An easy way to go wireless

For both conventional and mobile digital X-ray systems and for use in all Agfa HealthCare’s DR rooms, the cassette-size DX-D 30C Digital Wireless Detector offers general radiography facilities all the advantages of Direct Digital while maximizing the use of their existing equipment. With the 43 x 35 cm image size, the detector fits into any standard bucky tray and can be removed to ensure versatility for all exams. The DX-D 30C is an integral part of an Agfa HealthCare Imaging or Integration package. These packages include an NX with MUSICA² processing, XRDI Interface and detector.

Faster and more efficient workflow

As part of a cassette-less and filmless solution, the DX-D 30C provides a host of benefits that improve workflow and speed up exam time. Retakes can be made immediately without changing the cassette, and there is no risk of patients’ cassettes being mixed up. What’s more, the number of images is no longer limited by the number of cassettes available. And to complete the workflow images can be sent immediately to PACS or imager in DICOM format.

MUSICA ²: tuned for the best results

The DX-D 30C comes with our ‘gold standard’ MUSICA² image processing, which has been specially adapted and tuned to further enhance the excellent DR image quality. Exam-independent, it ensures consistent image quality and high contrast detail.

Services & Support

Agfa HealthCare offers service agreement solutions tailored to the individual customer’s situation. The service agreements are available in Basic, Comfort and Advanced levels, making lifecycle costs predictable. A worldwide team of some 1,000 service professionals is at your disposal to provide support at all phases of your project. As an additional service, they can help you customize your examination tree or link RIS protocol codes, for an even higher return on investment. Furthermore, this team carries out tasks that go well beyond maintenance, including value added services such as super user training, staff training and software upgrades. Note: extended warranty as well as drop insurance are available for the DX-D 30C.

If you want to purchase the product, or you have any questions, please fill out the form.



Mammography Film

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