Lumenis MOSES Pulse 120H

MOLEP – MOSESTM Laser Enucleation of the Prostate. The new generation of HoLEP

Leverage the power of the MOSES P120H for a more efficient tissue removal, leading to 20% increase in enucleation rate. The enhanced enucleation efficiency results in improved intraoperative vision and cleaner dissection of the capsular plane.

  • Shorter procedures – 20% reduction – As shown in a randomized clinical trial, the MOSES Technology reduces procedure time by 20%, making your treatments faster and more efficient
  • Limited retropulsion – 60% reduction – With 60% less retropulsion, you can minimize the incidents of ureteral stone migration into the kidney. You may also avoid chasing the stones in the bladder or kidney.
  • Enhanced fragmentation – 25% reduction – MOSES optimized energy transmission makes every shot count, thus reducing your fragmentation time by 25%.
MOSES Vaporization – Acceleration in hand

The MOSES technology shows superior vaporization rate and efficiency compared to regular pulse, indicating potential reduction in procedure time.

Improved coagulation

Control hemostasis and keep bleeding minimal with the advanced pulse reshaping technology and customized dual pedal of the MOSES Pulse 120H.

Leave no stone behind

Advanced ball-shaped tip enables a smooth initial insertion of the Moses 200 D/F/L through a flexible scope, and designed to minimize potential scope damage. Moses 200 D/F/L flexible fiber is designed to minimize scope deflection loss, allowing to reach difficult-to-access stone locations. If the stone is hard to reach, just use the MOSES Distance mode, optimized to deliver energy at a distance, allowing you to reach stones in challenging locations.

Vaporize tissue in full contact

Xpeeda D/S/L side firing fiber is designed to deliver increased energy transmission and enables work in full contact mode without causing deep tissue charring.

Focus on what matters during PCNL

Suction hand-piece allows simultaneous laser-lithotripsy and aspiration of stone fragments.

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