Dornier Medilas H 140

Dornier Medilas H140

The Dornier Medilas H140 provides high treatment versatility as an all-in-one solution for both lithotripsy and HoLEP. Ultra-fast dusting of stones may be performed thanks to a highest in the market frequency of 100 Hz. In addition, prostates of any size may be treated using HoLEP with its unmatched power of 140 W and a pulse energy of up to 6 J on a device that comes with an integrated morcellator.


  • Lower treatment time may be achieved thanks to the highest available frequency today. A maximum frequency of 100 Hz may enable dusting of large stones in minimal time, reducing operation time, costs and complication risks for the patient thanks to the avoidance of retrieval tools.
  • Retropulsion may be reduced significantly during laser lithotripsy owing to long pulse durations


  • Fast enucleation of the prostatic adenoma thanks to a high power output of up to 140 W and pulse energy of 6 J at 2100 nm wavelength, which is absorbed very well by water
  • Treat prostates of any size thanks to the high power output and fast enucleation

Integrated Morcellator:

The Medilas H 140 is a holmium laser that features an optional integrated morcellation module, enabling streamlined and economical BPH treatments

  • Thanks to blade geometry, the prostate adenoma is not shaped like a rolling ball during morcellation and rarely lost in the bladder.
  • Consumption of irrigation fluid is low, ensuring sufficiently filled bladder for reduced risks of bladder wall injury.
  • Variable suction combined with rotation speed of the knife provides an excellent morcellation rate.

Swivel-mounted Touch Display

The swivel-mounted and height-adjustable touch display ensures parameters are viewable from almost every angle in the operating room. This along with the wireless footswitch affords the surgeon full flexibility in adjusting the parameters and changing between treatment modalities.

Silent Mode

The silent mode significantly reduces the noise of the system to a comfortable level when the laser is not being fired, ensuring that it is not loud when performing procedures such as morcellation.

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