Lumenis VersaCut Morcellator System

The Lumenis VersaCut Tissue Morcellator is a complementary solution for the HoLEP procedure. It enables simultaneous endoscopic tissue procedures and removal of dissected tissue, with controllable morcellation speed and suction power, in one easy to use, integrated solution.

HoLEP stands the test of time

  • Over 15 years of clinical evidence have made HoLEP the right choice for Urologists and patients worldwide
  • HoLEP is recommended by the AUA for BPH1. Among its advantages are a low reoperation rate, and wide patient applicability 1,2. Compared to alternative treatment options for BPH, HoLEP has a major advantage in efficacy and safety 2-6.

Ease of Use

  • Adjustable morcellation and aspiration rates provide high flexibility
  • Compact size fits all operating room environments
  • Handpiece ergonomically designed for either right- or left-hand use
  • Reusable blade set


  • Reusable Handpiece – Ergonomically designed for rightor left-hand use
  • Control Box – Allows precise adjustment of aspiration and morcellation speed
  • Sterile Tubing – Enables aspiration and retrieval of tissue
  • Blade Set – Reusable blade set lowers the cost per case
  • Sterilization Tray – Designed for processing handpiece, blades sets and endoscope adapters
  • Short Cleaning Brushes – Ensures thorough removal of debris prior to sterilization (3 pack)
  • Long Cleaning Brushes – Ensures thorough removal of debris prior to sterilization (3 pack)
  • Endoscope Adapters – Snaps onto blades to accommodate varying scope lengths (3 pack)
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