Lumenis AcuPulse 30/40ST

AcuPulse 30/40ST Evolution in automated CO2 Laser surgery

AcuPulse 30W/40 ST system is designed to transmit the CO2 Laser energy via an articulated arm. This system allows you to leverage on the clear benefits of the CO2 Laser technology all the way to the desired clinical outcome. Create your own matrix for desired tissue interaction by utilizing the systems’ wide range of parameters, different lasing modes and beam exposure times.

AcuPulse CO2 laser systems are designed and suitable for achieving precision in delicate spaces. AcuPulse lasers offer customable solutions for individual patient needs and for maximal physician control. The laser systems are available with or without SurgiTouch in 30 or 40 Watt models.

The AcuPulse 30/40 ST is an upgradeable platform that can help you address a wide range of clinical challenges in operating sphere. All AcuPulse laser systems feature SuperPulse, Pulser and Continuous Wave (CW) laser modes for low, moderate and higher thermal effects on tissue. The AcuPulse 30/40 ST systems are compatible with a variety of microscopes models and are fully compatible with all Lumenis free beam accessories including the Digital AcuBlade scanning Micromanipulator.

The AcuPulse ST is the synonym for super precision achieved by the SurgiTouch technology and its automated capabilities. The Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator
with SurgiTouch scanner, delivers laser energy inside a user defi ned geometric shape. The rapid motion of the scanner takes the energy delivery and the entire operation to its highest precision level resulting in:

  • Maximum control over incision length, ablation area and treatment depth
  • Replicated tissue interaction customized to undesired tissue form and patient anatomy
  • Up to 100 customized laser parameters can be stored for future use.

Three power and time exposure modes that enable customized energy delivery for optimal tissue management:

  • CW –  Steady, continuous beam of energy. Optimal for when coagulation is desirable (the peak power is the set power)
  • Pulser – Constant frequency with variable pulse length yields the desired average power
  • Super Pulse – Continuous series of short duration, high peak power pulses (average power is the set power), optimal for char free outcome

Flexible Fiber Dependable fi ber delivery where it’s needed most

  • Renewable fi ber tip for smooth and cost eff ective operation
  • Aiming beam for accurate tissue targeting
  • Compatible with fl exible endoscopes
  • Used during robotic assisted surgery
  • Available with designated surgical tools
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