GMM Image Workstation

Any digital system DR or RF can be completed with an image workstation to help the user during his daily workload. This separate unit is composed by a PC processor with one or more LCD image display and is able to receive the images acquired by the system and store them on its hard disk.

Advanced Film composer
System configuration
  • Query local and remote DICOM nodes
  • Load DICOM files from local or remote DICOM nodes
  • Send local images to remote DICOM nodes
  • Customizable displaying fields of the queried results
  • Support previewing
  • Support DICOMDIR
  • Export DICOM files with the format of DICOM, JPEG or BMP
  • Support burning CD/DVD with a mini DICOM viewer
  • Save selected images to local PPACS database
  • Multi-screen display
  • Adjustable series and images displaying layout
  • Auto hanging protocol
  • Load multi studies/patients at same time
  • Customizable patient information (DICOM tags) displaying
  • Display DICOM Overlay
  • Multi-means images rolling
  • Image cine
  • Multi-means image navigating
  • Multi-means comparison
  • Display DICOM header information
  • Display image pixel grayscale or CT value by mouse
  • Image selected mark displaying
  • Displaying image according to its WW/WL and LUT
  • Predefined CT WW/WL
  • Support non-linear WW/WL
  • Adjust WW/WL by mouse
  • Automatic optimal local WW/WL
  • Multi-means magnification
  • Image roam
  • Image Flipping horizontally or vertically
  • Image rotating
  • Image inverting
  • Electronic magnifier
  • Displaying image by fitting to window
  • Displaying image pixel by pixel
  • Provide double WW/WLs, automatic double WW/WLs and inverting double WW/WLs
  • Distance, angle and Cobb angle
  • Rectangle, circle, polygon and hand-free drawing area
  • Text annotation
Advanced Film composer
  • Intuitive film composer interface, what you see is what you get
  • Support sub layout
  • Support irregular layout, provide irregular layout template
  • Drag selected images directly to the printing layout
  • Multi-means image selecting
  • Directly image processing in printing layout, include WW/WL, rotating, flipping, inverting, magnifying and roaming etc.
  • Text and image switching function, for switching displaying content between text and image
  • Auto hanging unfinished task when close the film composer
  • Support multi-type printers and multi-size films
  • Support Windows print
  • True Size printing
System configuration
  • Customizable window layout
  • Configurable local image administration, including configurations of local database, networking, local services and storage devices.
  • Customization tools for software modules of the workstation
  • Laser film printer configuration tool
  • Task queue administration tool
  • Log files exporting tool
  • User administration tool
  • Provide external application integrating interface
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Systems part

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MSP 150 is the ceiling stand designed so as to ensure the quickest and safest execution of any routine and specialized exams: the best solution for emergency, general, bones and thorax diagnostic procedures.


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